Appendix DG2. Documentation

Table of Contents
Documentation Roadmap
The Documentation Project
Documentation Sources
Building Documentation
Hardcopy Generation for v6.5
Alternate Toolsets

The purpose of documentation is to make Postgres easier to learn, use, and develop. The documentation set should describe the Postgres system, language, and interfaces. It should be able to answer common questions and to allow a user to find those answers on his own without resorting to mailing list support.

Documentation Roadmap

Postgres has four primary documentation formats:

Table DG2-1. Postgres Documentation Products

File Description
./COPYRIGHTCopyright notice
./INSTALLInstallation instructions (text from sgml->rtf->text)
./READMEIntroductory info
./register.txtRegistration message during make
./doc/bug.templateBug report template
./doc/postgres.tar.gzIntegrated docs (HTML)
./doc/'s Guide (Postscript)
./doc/programmer.tar.gzProgrammer's Guide (HTML)
./doc/ Manual (Postscript)
./doc/reference.tar.gzReference Manual (HTML)
./doc/ (Postscript)
./doc/tutorial.tar.gzIntroduction (HTML)
./doc/'s Guide (Postscript)
./doc/user.tar.gzUser's Guide (HTML)

There are man pages available for installation, as well as a large number of plain-text README-type files throughout the Postgres source tree.