Building Documentation

GNU make is used to build documentation from the DocBook sources. There are a few environment definitions which may need to be set or modified for your installation. The Makefile looks for doc/../src/Makefile and (implicitly) for doc/../src/Makefile.custom to obtain environment information. On my system, the src/Makefile.custom looks like

# Makefile.custom
# Thomas Lockhart 1998-03-01

POSTGRESDIR= /opt/postgres/current
CFLAGS+= -m486

# documentation

HSTYLE= /home/tgl/SGML/db107.d/docbook/html
PSTYLE= /home/tgl/SGML/db107.d/docbook/print
where HSTYLE and PSTYLE determine the path to docbook.dsl for HTML and hardcopy (print) stylesheets, respectively. These stylesheet file names are for Norm Walsh's Modular Style Sheets; if other stylesheets are used then one can define HDSL and PDSL as the full path and file name for the stylesheet, as is done above for HSTYLE and PSTYLE. On many systems, these stylesheets will be found in packages installed in /usr/lib/sgml/, /usr/share/lib/sgml/, or /usr/local/lib/sgml/.

HTML documentation packages can be generated from the SGML source by typing

% cd doc/src
% make tutorial.tar.gz
% make user.tar.gz
% make admin.tar.gz
% make programmer.tar.gz
% make postgres.tar.gz
% make install

These packages can be installed from the main documentation directory by typing

% cd doc
% make install