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Download source/binary for Count

Latest release Count 2.6
Source for all platforms:
  • wwwcount2.6.tar.gz (406 KB) - gzip compressed tar file.
    (updated: Sep-19-1999)


  • Count26.exe (875 KB) - self extracting binary for Microsoft NT (intel)
    (updated: Sep-15-1999)


  • wwcount2.6docs.tar.gz (477 KB) - gzip compressed tar file.

  • The source code for this program is distributed as a gzip compressed tar archive. If you do not have gzip/gunzip, download it. The URL is ftp://prep.ai.mit.edu/gnu/gzip/gzip-1.2.4.tar

    To extract the distribution, at the shell prompt, type:

    gunzip < wwwcount2.6.tar.gz | tar xvf -
    cd wwwcount2.6

    The program will compile with ANSI or non-ANSI C compiler. However some utilites require ANSI C compiler. Soon all the code will be ANSI.

    Please read the pages Quick start or Compiling and installing for help.

    Old releases
    source+binary archive (2.3) for OS/2 (pkzipped)
    This port of Count 2.3 is done by Doug Shields
    ( dshields@direct.ca).
    Please read the file readme.os2 for details.
    VMS port of Count 2.3. The port to VMS is done by
    Phil Ottewell
    Binary for PowerMachTen & WebTen (Count 2.4)
    Ported and compiled by Alex Kac, alex@WebIS.net
    A port to Amiga is done by Bert Vortman He added the source and binary archive to Aminet. Here are the links of the Amiga port:


    There are several other Aminet servers who are mirrors of the wuarchive.wustl.edu site.

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