[Cascading Style Sheets]
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Other Properties and Values

Below are other style properties and values not included in the previous sections. (I've included here only properties now supported by Internet Explorer and Netscape -- I'll add others when they are supported)

Commonly Used Properties and Values for Cascading Style Sheets

Table Legend
IE3 Supported in Internet Explorer 3.x
IE4 Supported in Internet Explorer 4.x
N4 Supported in Netscape 4.x
pt = points
in = inches
cm = centimeters
px = pixels
em = height of element's font
(the em unit is not yet widely supported and should be used with caution)
  Property Description Values Example
Other Properties
@import (not inherited) Imports another style sheet into the present one; must appear before any styles are defined; new properties and values will override those in the imported style sheet @import: url(url) @import url(stylesheet2.css)
cursor (inherited) specifies the appearance of the cursor when placed within the element auto (default defined by browser/operating system); crosshair; default; hand; move; e-resize; ne-resize; nw-resize; n-resize; se-resize; sw-resize; s-resize; w-resize; text; wait; help { cursor: help }
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