General Commands

OPEN classname

Open the class called classname for further manipulation.

CLOSE [classname]

Close the open class called classname. It is an error if classname is not already opened. If no classname is given, then the currently open class is closed.


Print the currently open class.

INSERT [OID=oid_value] (value1 value2 ...)

Insert a new instance to the open class using value1, value2, etc., for its attribute values and oid_value for its OID. If oid_value is not "0", then this value will be used as the instance's object identifier. Otherwise, it is an error.

INSERT (value1 value2 ...)

As above, but the system generates a unique object identifier.

CREATE classname (name1 = type1 [,name2 = type2[,...]])

Create a class named classname with the attributes given in parentheses.

OPEN (name1 = type1 [,name2 = type2[,...]]) AS classname

Open a class named classname for writing but do not record its existence in the system catalogs. (This is primarily to aid in bootstrapping.)

DESTROY classname

Destroy the class named classname.

DEFINE INDEX indexname ON class_name USING amname (opclass attr | (function(attr))

Create an index named indexname on the class named classname using the amname access method. The fields to index are called name1, name2 etc., and the operator collections to use are collection_1, collection_2 etc., respectively.

Note: This last sentence doesn't reference anything in the example. Should be changed to make sense. - Thomas 1998-08-04