Porting From Other RDBMS Packages

The design of ecpg follows SQL standard. So porting from a standard RDBMS should not be a problem. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a standard RDBMS. So ecpg also tries to understand syntax additions as long as they do not create conflicts with the standard.

The following list shows all the known incompatibilities. If you find one not listed please notify Michael Meskes. Note, however, that we list only incompatibilities from a precompiler of another RDBMS to ecpg and not additional ecpg features that these RDBMS do not have.

Syntax of FETCH command

The standard syntax of the FETCH command is:

FETCH [direction] [amount] IN|FROM cursor name.

ORACLE, however, does not use the keywords IN resp. FROM. This feature cannot be added since it would create parsing conflicts.